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Third Party Logistics Providers Part 3 How To Develop An Rfp

Selecting Third Party Logistics Providers Part 3: Third Party Logistics RFP

  Choosing the best vendor the first time around is the best case scenario for any business. To help ensure the best vendor is chosen, utilizing tools such as a custom request for proposal (RFP) can be beneficial. A third party logistics RFP is typically used when purchasing high value and highly complex products or services. The RFP assists in this process by allowing your team to assess vendors in detail, while helping to increase the accuracy of data submitted by vendors. The...
Third Party Logistics Providers Part 2 The Top 10 Questions To Ask

Selecting a Third Party Logistics Provider Part 2: Top 10 Questions to Ask

  There are many questions and concerns to address when searching for a third party logistics provider. To ensure you select the best fit for your business it is imperative to ask questions and become educated about how their operations will fit your needs. Although there are many questions to ask, we have determined the top ten most important questions to ask when vetting a potential third party logistics service...
third party logistics providers- part 1- importance of communication

Selecting Third Party Logistics Providers Part 1: The Importance of Communication

  When selecting third part logistics providers, time to consider differences in 3PL providers is an important decision for any shipper. In hopes of a mutually beneficial business partnership, it is important to make the right choice for your business. To do this there are many considerations to make. An important factor in the success of any relationship is communication. Before entrusting your valuable inventory to your third party logistics provider ask questions about how and...