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General Services


Wavelength Logistics can manage the end to end process including order picking, packing, value added services, coordination of outbound transportation, inbound and outbound orders and warehousing activities.

Distribution Services

Wavelength Logistics can manage the end to end supply chain services for specialized equipment as well as the physical transportation activities associated with a customer’s finished goods inventory out of a facility and leverage multiple modes of transportation.

Fulfillment Services

Wavelength Logistics can manage the end to end process of fulfillment including order picking, packing, value added services and coordination of outbound transportation and include the technology solutions for e-commerce models needed by customers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Wavelength Logistics can provide inventory management services on behalf of an OEM customer (where inventory ownership is in the supplier’s name in a warehouse and held in close proximity to the OEM).

Product Lifecycle Management

Wavelength Logistics can help to manage return and warehousing of used or end of life products, including distribution and resale into alternative markets or economies. Wavelength Logistics can also provide value added services such as re-work, labeling and repacking.

Reverse Logistics

Wavelength Logistics can manage the flow of surplus, obsolete and damaged raw materials, finished goods and equipment back to a Wavelength Logistics managed warehouse to be recycled, reused or properly disposed. In addition, Wavelength Logistics can provide solutions to support the management of time sensitive or critical aftermarket parts.

Fashion Logistics

Wavelength Logistics can provide comprehensive end to end solutions for the fashion industry including a wide variety of value added services such as steaming, re-tagging, GOH, creating displays and much more. Wavelength Logistics can provide distribution services to customer distribution centers, handle in store deliveries and direct to end customer deliveries.

Procurement Management Services

Wavelength Logistics can provide a full suite of services including project management, integrated turnkey project forwarding solutions, transport engineering, route and site surveys; logistics, marshalling, warehousing and distribution and much more.

HAZMAT Inventory Management

Wavelength Logistics can provide a suite of services to help reduce the complexity, logistics and transport cost and facilitate compliance with security, environmental and regulatory requirements.

Specialized Handling and Storage

Cold Storage

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  • Verification and inspection of count and condition of product
  • Bar code application
  • Multiple freezer, refrigerator, temperature controlled and ambient storage conditions available
  • Blast freezing
  • Order assembly: single case order picking
  • Pallet module building
  • Can provide a wide variety of value added services including stretch wrapping, shrink wrapping, breading, blast freezing, specialized packaging and repack, tempering, labeling, stamping and much more


HAZMAT Materials Handling

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  • Dedicated facilities and storage rooms to help meet your specific storage requirements for security, temperature range, fire prevention and other factors
  • Integrated HAZMAT product storage and shipping available to help maintain product integrity throughout the distribution cycle and reduce costs
  • Ability to manage inventory based on your specific requirements including batch and lot control


Customs and Bonded

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  • Customs clearance receipt of stock with suspension of duty service available
  • Reporting of stocks  to Customs
  • Can produce and process AWBs, Bills of Lading, Release Notes, Customs SAD document
  • Can receive bonded containers from outside North America, unload and palletize product to your specifications


Fashion Apparel and Textiles

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  • Can provide a wide range of value added services including: embroidery, steaming, hemming, alterations, repairs, monogramming, logos and personalization, packaging, repackaging, folding, adding or removing labels, stickers, custom price tags, custom hangtags, or retail tickets; heat stamping tagless labels; ironing, restoring garments to original state and more
  • Product inspections
  • Garments on hanger, folding, specialized packaging
  • E-commerce fulfillment with reverse logistics services
  • Omni-channel and multi-channel retailing support
  • JIT shipping


Returns Processing

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  • Receipt and inspection of returned product
  • Product inspection, can hold and/or quarantine
  • Disassembly
  • Product restoration/repair
  • Product exchange
  • Recycling
  • Product disposal
  • Process all necessary documentation


Reverse Logistics

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  • Receipt and inspection of returned product
  • Product inspection, can hold and/or quarantine
  • Disassembly or re-assembly
  • Return and repair or refurbish
  • Spare parts distribution
  • Recycle/recapture value for returned goods
  • Product disposal
  • Exception handling
  • Routing by condition
  • Vendor RMAs
  • Customer RMAs
  • Reporting and documentation


Value Added Services

  • Kitting and assembly; de-kitting
  • Bundling
  • Packaging and re-packaging
  • Blister packs
  • Personalization
  • Labeling
  • Light manufacturing
  • Product destruction
  • Consolidation
  • Co-packing
  • Cross docking
  • Direct store delivery
  • Fulfillment
  • Import/export
  • Inspection
  • Module/floorstand displays
  • Pallet exchange
  • Pool distribution
  • Reverse logistics
  • Sorting
  • Polybagging and shrink wrapping
  • Pick/pack
  • Other services available upon request

Serialized Goods


  • Electronics fulfillment programs
  • High level security and reporting
  • Management of recovery, swap and obsolescence programs
  • Serialized data management with genealogy
  • Pick and pack fulfillment
  • Kitting and assembly
  • Returns processing and reverse logistics
  • Retail channel distribution
  • Omni channel and multichannel retail
  • Product lifecycle management

High Value Cargo/Precious Metals

  • LBMA Good Delivery guidelines compliance
  • Specialized transport services
  • JIT delivery
  • High security storage and tracking capabilities
  • Real time inventory management capabilities
  • Web portal for 24/7/365 data visibility
  • Customizable reporting
  • Document storage and retrieval

Regulated Goods

Food and Beverage

  • IARW, USDA, CFIA compliant
  • FSMA compliant
  • Food grade warehouses available
  • Inspections, holds and quarantines
  • Temperature capture and tracking
  • Meet all cold chain requirements
  • Integrated storage and delivery
  • Inventory management by expiration date
  • Organic certified food warehouses available

Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices

  • FDA validation and compliance
  • DQSA compliant
  • Inspections and holds
  • Product quarantine & destruction management
  • Recall tracking and enforcement
  • Change control and security management

Bulk Goods

Bulk Food Grade

  • Integrated scale ticket to WMS capabilities
  • Product traceability by Vat, Lot, ingredient, serial number and more
  • Quality assurance inspections and documentation
  • Sampling and testing
  • Value added services such as bagging and packaging

Bulk Dry Goods

  • Integrated scale ticket to WMS capabilities
  • Crossdock and transload services available

Liquid Bulk

  • Heating
  • Toll processing
  • Transload